Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance Services


Every project is different and we approach each with care and commitment.

Our design decisions are based on a considered response to the client, site and budget. There are four considerations in designing a sustainable landscape.

 The landscape should be:

 - Visually Pleasing

 - Functional

 - Cost Effective

 - Maintainable

 The landscape design considerations include:

- Site analysis ("audit") which is an inventory and analysis of the existing site conditions and elements.

· Garden's Aspect - is your garden north/south/east/west facing? - This will affect the type of plants you can grow.

 · Soil Type - is it heavy, light, dry, wet, acidic, neutral, or alkaline? - Again this affects the type of plants you can grow, and what soil modifications you may need.

 · Plant Exposure - is it exposed to wind, frost, or sheltered? - This can affect the type of plants you can grow, and it also affects your comfort in the garden!

 · Soil Drainage - do you have areas of standing water, or is it dry? - Unless you want a bog garden, you may need to condition the soil or add a drain system to help carry excess water away.

· Garden Topography - is your garden level or is it (or parts of it) sloping, and to what degree?

 Design concept includes a discussion between client and designer regarding landscape style, traffic flow areas, maintenance concerns, use of the site, placement of other elements, i.e.: furniture, play sets, statuary, etc.

 Design master plan is the completion of the process which allows you to visualize the landscape, and plan a budget before construction begins.

 A Master plan affords you the opportunity of developing the project in stages to fit your budget.

 We furnish a Design Contract which further outlines and defines the process. - 248-426-0656 -