Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance Services


Landscape rejuvenation may be required for plant reasons:

  • Does the existing landscape look like a jungle with no sense of order or style? 
  • Is it cluttered with nothing of interest to look at?
  • Are the plants overgrown and tired looking, with one large plant dominating everything else?

Landscape renovation may be required for non-plant reasons:

  • Outdoor living (As a family grows, its needs change)
  • Natural disasters such as floods and storm winds can damage landscapes.
  • Changes brought about by sidewalks, curbs, roads, sewers, drains, etc. or City requirements.

Plants grow, and the needs of people and facilities change, and these factors can make it necessary for us to make adjustments.

Landscapes are not static.

Changes occur in the landscape over a period of time.
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