Landscape Design, Installation and Maintenance Services


A Formal landscape is highly structured, and incorporates the use of geometric shapes and patterns. Evergreen shrubs are used extensively to create "green walls", or massed perennials can be used to create well defined spaces. The structured spaces allow for the greatest possible visual impact from a limited number of plants. Topiaries are often used in this type of garden.

The informal landscape garden utilizes annuals, perennials, and stones to create well-defined border gardens. The result is a somewhat well-manicured and colorful landscape.

The use of native plant materials, that readily increase and spread, is the basis of the naturalized garden. Bog gardens are often incorporated into this type of garden. The existence of wildlife in this habitat is welcomed and encouraged.

A Contemporary landscape incorporates the use of edging materials to define bed lines and consists of plants that are easy to contain within the boundaries established for them. Maintenance is kept to a minimum.

An American Cottage Garden is essentially comprised of a mix of many types of plants. The plants are arranged primarily by height and planted in drifts of color, with great attention to detail. The Cottage Garden lends itself to color changes from spring through fall, and the joy of awakening on a hazy summer morning to the opening of new flower buds to thrill the soul. This is a high maintenance garden requiring lots of tender loving care, and an extensive knowledge of annuals, perennials, herbs, bulbs, and vines. It is also a very personal garden, because it can be filled with the plants that you love and cherish, regardless of the plant type and color mix. 

A Woodland wildflower garden is among the most cherished of garden styles in America. We treasure our native trilliums, shooting stars, Solomon's seal, Jack-in-the Pulpits, etc. As harbingers of spring, native woodland plants arouse a great sense of delight and joy.

Roses have been the favorite flower of people throughout the world for thousands of years. They have an unwarranted reputation for being difficult to grow. The five basic requirements for successful rose gardening are soil, sun, air circulation, water, and protection. A knowledge of the specifics of each of these basics makes rose growing easy. Roses require more time and attention than other plants in the landscape garden, but the rewards are greater in terms of color, fragrance, and beauty.

Shade Gardens present a wonderful opportunity to create a cool retreat from the heat of a summer's day. Even the demure colors of shade loving plants create a sense of serenity. A garden of incredible hostas and ferns (I love ferns) will be a source of wonder and beauty spring through fall. The addition of a bench invites you to relax a while and enjoy the subtle beauty around you. Statuary adds another dimension of sophistication to the garden, and it can be playful or serious.

We use Container Plantings to provide instant color that says 'Welcome!', and changes with the seasons.

Water Gardening can be as simple as a tub with a single waterlily, or as complicated as a waterfall with a series of streams running between ponds. Whatever your vision includes, the results will be unique and have a special BEAUTY of their own. - 248-426-0656 -